Plan Check Submittal

Plan Check Submittal Requirements

*NEW* Checklist- Required for all plan check submittals

*NEW* Checklist- Required for all plan check re-submittals

Plan Check Submittal Flow Chart 

Building Permit Application

Tenant Improvements

Residential Projects – May include but will not be limited to New Single-Family dwellings, Townhouses, Condominiums, Duplex’s, Triplex’s, Tracts, Room additions, Converting non-habitable space to habitable space, Additional Dwelling Units (ADU’s), Junior Additional Dwelling Units (J-ADU’s), Guest houses and similar attached and detached buildings on a residential property Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

General Building Information

The City of Highland enforces the California Building Codes as adopted by the California Building Standards Commission with adopted City amendments. Code adoption and amendments may be found in the Municipal Code, Title 15.  There are a set of Policies that cover an array of construction situations. It is recommended all applicants review the policies for applicability to their project.  

The Planning Division has a process for all new structures proposed within the City of Highland. This process will need to be completed prior to submitting construction plans to Building and Safety. 

Grading applications and permits for commercial and tract housing are to be obtained from the City Public Works Department at City Hall. The Building and Safety Division will provide grading plan review, permits, and inspections for residential additions and for single new family residential structures. 

When applying for a building permit, submit the appropriate City permit application/s related to your project along with the listed number of plans.  Additional plan sets may be needed based on the project.  All plan submittals are to be made at the Building Counter in City Hall.  

Provide three (3) plan sets that include; Plot/Site design, Structural Plans and Details, Electrical Plans, Electrical Load Calculations, Plumbing Plans/Isometrics, Mechanical Plans, HVAC Duct Layout Plans, Roof and Floor Truss Plans and Details, Title 24 Energy Calculations, Energy Reports and Forms, Precise Grading Plans, Site Accessibility Plan and Details, Conditions of Approval Packages, Temporary Fence Plan.

Additionally, two (2) sets of; Geology Report, Soils Report, Structural Calculations, Truss Engineering Calculations, Commissioning Plan (When required), Fire Sets, and one (1) Approved Health Department Plans. 

One (1) Fire Flow Test report will be required for new construction and additions to existing structures. Fire Flow tests are provided by East Valley Water District -  

  • Fire Flow Test Questions: Contact East Valley Water District at (909) 888-8986 or
  • The hydrant location should be detailed with hydrant identification and dimensioned on the site plan to show the distance from the hydrant to the furthest point of the proposed structure “As the Hose Lays”

Sample Residential Plot Plan 2021 - Showing Hydrant Location Fire Flow Information

Differed submittals for roof trusses and/or sprinklers are to be submitted prior to the issuance of building permits. Fire and Sprinkler's plans will be routed through Building and Safety. 

Prior to approval for issuance of building permits and again for permit finals, City staff will route an approval list to City divisions and outside agencies to verify their approvals.

City of Highland Design Parameters

Wind Speed:

  • May be verified at and calculated based on risk category, surface roughness, exposure, topographic and other effects for buildings and similar structures in accordance with CBC Section 1609 and ASCE-7.

Seismic Design Values:

  • In general, no less than Category D.  Values may be verified at and must be calculated per the parameters of CBC section 1613 and ASCE-7.

Average Rain Fall:

  • 2” Per Hour

Climate Zone:  10

Ground Snow Load: 0 Feet