6th Cycle Housing Element Update


The City of Highland is currently updating the Housing Element of the General Plan for 2021-2029. The purpose of the City’s Housing Element is to plan for the housing needs of Highland’s existing and future residents. The foundation for the Housing Element is the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), in which the State estimates housing needs for all income groups for the upcoming eight years. 

Based on the City’s RHNA target for 2021-2029, it is estimated that approximately 2,508  new houses, condos or apartments will be necessary in the next eight years to keep up with the City’s growing population and housing needs.

In the Housing Element, the City must identify enough potentially developable land zoned for residential use to meet the City’s new RHNA target and must provide goals, objectives, policies, and programs to meet the housing needs of the City’s citizens.

As part of this effort, new policies to address equity and safety in the General Plan will be developed under the Public Health, Safety and Environmental Justice Element.

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For more information on these efforts, please contact the City’s Associate Planner, Sal Quintanilla at squintanilla@cityofhighland.org or (909) 864-6861 ext. 259.