Planning Projects and Public Notices

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Review the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) - SB 34 Privacy and Usage Policy.

AB 503 - Parking Citations

Alliance Residential California – SPR 22-002/DRA 22-004 (East side of Boulder Ave. , south of Calhoun Rd. on the north side of Greenspot Rd.)

Highland Heights KZ Devco at Church Avenue, north of Base Line

La Praix - 4 Single Family Homes (Design Review DRA-18-006 & Tentative Parcel Map 19959            TPM-18-001)

Los Compadres ABC License - CUP-21-008 (NEC Base Line / Osbun Rd.)

Monte Vista Homes (formerly Hispano) TPM 20455 & TR 18013 (Pacific St. east of Victoria Ave.)

Rexco Development, San Carlo Apartments (NWC Greenspot Rd. / Webster St.)

Universal Storage Extension of Time EOT-21-002

Vista Verde at Mediterra by DR Horton - DRA-21-007 (Greenspot Road, East of San Paula St.)

7-Eleven Convenience Store & Fuel Station Sign Review Amendment - ASR-20-006 (SWC Greenspot Rd. / Boulder Ave.)

7480 Sterling Ave. Indonesian Seventh-Day Adventist Church Expansion CUP-21-003

8020 Palm Ave. Gas Station - DRA-21-006 (SWC Palm Ave. / 5th St.)