By law, the City is required to have a master plan identifying the location of various land uses. The master plan is often referred to as a "General Plan." The General Plan is comprised of seven major elements:

  • Circulation
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Land Use
  • Noise
  • Open Space/Conservation
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Public Services and Facilities

The elements provide policy direction for the development of the City for a ten to twenty-year period.

Zoning Map & Development Code

To implement the General Plan, in part, the City adopts a zoning map and Development Code. These two documents are very important in that they further define what can be located on a property in Highland and how to develop a site. Standards are created to ensure the general public’s health and safety are maintained.

Rules & Procedures

The City of Highland, like most cities, adopts rules and procedures to review projects proposed by the general public. These rules and procedures are typically outlined in the City’s Development Code to review a plan or project application that is completed which describes the development. Listed are the typical applications found in Highland to process or plan a project:

Intended to control the establishment of those uses which have some special impact or uniqueness, such that their effect on the surrounding environment cannot be determined in advance of the use being proposed for a particular location.