Special Taxes & Assessments

Street Lighting

In 1990, the citywide Street Light Assessment District was formed, and, as a result, all parcels in the city limits are included in this district. The District pays for the installation, maintenance, and upkeep of all street lights in the City. For questions regarding the information on the assessment districts, call the Engineering Department at 909-864-6861, ext. 217.

Community Facilities District

The City has three Community Facilities Districts (CFDs), also known as Mello-Roos. CFD 90-1 was formed in 1990 by the original property owners to finance infrastructure such as streets, storm drains, bridges, and a new school. Included in this tax is a fee collected for police and fire services. The bonded indebtedness portion of the CFD 90-1 will expire in 2015. However, the special tax for police and fire services do not expire. 

CFD 2001-1 was formed in 2001 with the improvements focusing on storm drains. The bonded indebtedness portion of the CFD 2001-1 will expire in 2028. The residents who are part of CFD 2001-1 are also part of CFD 90-1 for the police and fire special tax.

CFD 2007-1 (Tract #17682) located on the northeast corner of Greenspot Road and Boulder Avenue was formed in 2007, but only became active in May, 2016.  This is a residential CFD.  

Questions can be addressed to the Finance Department at 909-864-6861, ext. 224, or MuniFinancial at 800-755-6864.

Trash Collection

The City of Highland has a mandatory trash collection. For those parcels which do not pay trash collection fees in a timely manner, a lien will be placed against the property title for collection in the unpaid amount, along with the appropriate County fees. The City has an agreement with the County to collect this debt with the property taxes.