Business Licenses

Who Needs a Business License?

Highland Municipal Code 5.04.030 states that no person shall conduct any business in the City without first having obtained a business license, paid the appropriate license fee, and complied with any and all applicable provisions of this code. 

Before You Apply

Before applying for a business license, please contact our City Planning Division by calling 909-864-6861 or come into City Hall. A City Planner will be able to tell you about City zoning requirements for your type of business and other requirements you need to follow in order to conduct business in the City of Highland. All businesses must comply with all applicable City, County, State and Federal laws and regulations. To find out if your business needs further licensing, please visit the CalGold website at This website is a comprehensive website that assists business owners in finding the appropriate permit information for their business.  It also provides contact information for the various agencies that administer and issue permits.

The City of Highland is proud to offer a new online business license application portal.  By clicking on the link, you will be taken to the application portal.  You will need to click on the icon to the left of the application type that you are applying for.  Please review our Business License Application Type & Description section for more information on business types.

Online Business License Portal Link

Using the Online Business License Portal link

  1. On or after the first day of the month your license is set to expire you can follow the steps below to Renew your business license online.
  2. Click on theSearch icon which is under Search Existing Business License/Business License Renewal.
  3. Search your business by Entity # or Business Name.
  4. Click on the Pay Invoice link that appears in the bottom right corner.
  5. Pay applicable fees.

Your renewal will be sent to our Business License Division for approval and your new license will be emailed/mailed back to you within 1 to 2 weeks.  If your renewal is not approved, or if additional information is needed, you will be contacted.

A Booth Rental license is required for any business attached to or within a licensed commercial location within the City. For detailed information on if this application type applies to your business and for a checklist of required documents click here.

Application Fee-$69 (Application Fee-$65 & AB1379 State Fee-$4)

Some information changes can be done at no cost such as changing a phone number or personal address.  If you are wanting to make changes that relate to moving the location of your commercial business, changes in ownership or changing of business name an information change application and applicable fees may be needed.  Please contact our Business License Division at for additional information.