Fire Sprinkler


The City requires a Fire Sprinkler in all new structures and some additions. Highland also allows the use of a multipurpose fire sprinkler system (MPFSS). Highland is very concerned about fire sprinkler protection for residential structures. We are one of the very few cities in California to allow CPVC or PEX domestic water piping. This alternative piping is extremely inexpensive for installation costs.


MPFSS has new NFPA approval and has been used in Highland for several years. The system has no inspection check valve, pressure valves, exterior alarms, or wiring. The MPFSS is required to have a smoke detector alarm system installed which is a code requirement in most cities and counties in the country.

Main Water Supply

The MPFSS operates off the main water supply and is typically installed using CPVC fire sprinkler pipe, or its equivalent, which incorporates domestic drinking water approval by NSF. The pipe is installed in a loop throughout the building. Plumbing tees are located in areas where cold water piping is needed The plumbing contractor simply attaches the cold water pipe to the sprinkler pipe. Adaptors for this pipe transition are already available at most pipe supply companies. Fire sprinkler heads are centrally located in the room to be protected.

Prior Review

Fire sprinkler plans are required to be submitted to the fire department for review prior to installations. This system reduces the cost of fire protection for the contractors, developers, and homeowners, and still provides life safety protection.